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Exclamation TRADING POST RULES:- Please Read Before Posting

The Trading Post has simple rules where you list an item that you own, along with an asking price. A member will then contact you if interested, and a transaction will take place. (the site) is in NO WAY responsible for transactions entered into between members. This is a member to member system and if you are not comfortable with the person with whom you are entering into a transaction, you should not move forward. This site can not and will not guarantee the safe arrival of your items, the return of your money, or any other aspect of the transactions carried out.

That said, 99% of the transactions go without a hitch, and if Admin receive a complaint on the use or abuse of the Trading Post and the accused member does not contact the administration, we reserve the right to suspended that member.

These are the rules of the Trading Post

A) Returns

1) Returns must be allowed by the seller for any reason for a period of 7 seven days from when the items arrives.

2) The item must be returned via traceable means, and in the same exact condition as was received.

B) Reproductions -

3) Any reproductions sold on this forum must be clearly labeled as such. The sale of fakes will not be tolerated. If you post an item here, you agree that it may be discussed in the forum by the members. You agree to discuss the items in question, and not the seller of said item.

C) Links

4) Links to commercial/auction websites are not allowed in the Trading Post.

D) General Posting Etiquette

5) Listing all your items under one posting is encouraged, but if necessary they may be split up into different “categories” (cloth, medals, etc). Abuse or commercial use of the Trading Post is not allowed and will result in the removal of your posting privileges.

6) When an item is sold, please mark it as such.

7) When listing your items try to group similar items in a single post so as to allow the maximum amount of threads on the front page.

8) The seller and the buyer are expected to make contact quickly. If you say you will buy an item, you are expected to pay for such in a prompt matter unless otherwise arranged.

9) Selling items on behalf of someone else is strictly prohibited . offence.

10) When a seller places an item for sale, they must use their own discretion & sell the item to whoever they feel they can complete & satisfactory & efficient transaction with. If you do not feel comfortable selling to a particular member, then do not proceed with the transaction. It is entirely the decision of the seller with whom they enter into a sale/transaction with.

11) The buyer and seller should confer on the method of shipping including details such as insurance and delivery confirmation. Ninety nine percent of problems come from lost packages and who should be responsible. Insurance and delivery confirmation may cost an extra couple of pounds but this gives piece of mind.

12) No "auction" type sales.

13) No TRADE Advertisements, unless the Trader is sponsoring the site by way of a banner.

E) Moderation

The primary job of the moderators is to oversee the operation of the forum, not to review each piece posted for authenticity (this is an impossible task).

That said, we aim for a friendly and "safe" atmosphere in which to conduct sales of items, so if the moderator so sees fit, he may start a thread in the appropriate discussion forum in regards to an item posted for sale. It is stated in the T & C's that if an item is posted for sale, the said item may be discussed, not the seller/business or person seliing it.

Good communication and common sense should be used when buying/selling or trading items

Enjoy the site & happy trading !

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