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  1. Twice Named US M-1 lid
  2. US M-1 used as film prop
  3. WW2 reissue US M-1
  4. More US medals
  5. vietnam era M-1 helmet
  6. post war airborne jump wings
  7. Another US M-1
  8. LAW Rocket Launcher
  9. My new M-1 turned up today
  10. M1 Lid with Camo Cover
  11. 1950's US air force lighter
  12. My C.I.B's & E.I.B
  13. My small US air force collection
  14. Necessity Of War
  15. Sweetheart Jewelry
  16. CPO Jacket Korean War Era
  17. New US M-1 today
  18. USAAF WW2 KEESLER FIELD B17 's MUSTANGS Drape Pillow Case
  19. vietnam era Generals airborne M-1 helmet
  20. M65 Field Jackets Nam Era
  21. US D DAY WW2 Period PATRIOTIC Writing Paper
  22. VN era M-1 helmet + Mitchell cover job lot
  23. A piece of jewellery "The Berlin Airlift"
  24. Chromed M-1 helmet
  26. Medals & jump wings
  27. 2x collar disc's & 1x CIB
  28. M-1 fixed bail helmet from many era's
  29. WW2 SHAEF Original INSIGNIA & EISENHOWER Leaflet
  30. My early veitnam era project
  31. US M-1 helmet with artwork
  32. Vietnam era mitchell cover with graffiti
  33. 45 star US flag
  34. Vietnam era M-1C, my last helmet purchase of 2010
  35. Another Vietnam era M-1C
  36. Named VN era helmet
  37. Another many era US M-1
  38. Vietnam era 1st US Army M-1
  39. Another named Nam era M-1
  40. M-1 choc chip camo cover