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  2. WW2 POW Made Spitfire
  3. WW1 Trench Art Crucifix VERDUN 1916
  4. WW1 German Photos & Army Trade Patch Lot
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  8. Deutsches Reich Kennkarte German WW2 ID
  9. WW2 German Labour Front DAF Work Book with Stamps
  10. Early Hitler Youth Jugend Ausweis Pass WW2 German 1935
  11. British Army Grenadier Guards Major's Greatcoat (Major General P Gregson Ellis)
  12. Family Heirloom
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  14. Hitlers grandson sells his dads lighter!
  15. my 1895 pattern infantry sword
  16. my nice antique sheffield skinner knife rodgers
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  20. Death Plaques for 3 brothers, 1 a Captain Thomas Lanfear Tanner
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  23. what is it?
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  25. heer medical visor, help godfather
  26. really?
  27. money to burn
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  29. another duffer
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  38. Order of bath medal.
  39. What is this? WW2 Anti Frost Heater?